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Tel Aviv Marathon | 14 Maggio 2010
Gare: 42K 10K
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Ovunque Running vi invita a Tel Aviv, per visitare la città e correre la sua Maratona che richiama migliaia di corridori provenienti da tutto il mondo.
Una città giovane, questa è Tel Aviv, la capitale israeliana della finanza, degli affari e del divertimento. Quasi tutti i suoi abitanti provengono da altri luoghi: vi sarà sufficiente una breve passeggiata per le sue strade per accorgervi del mix di culture qui radunate. Dalle atmosfere orientali, cariche di spezie, del quartiere yemenita, ai caffè di Allenby Street, all�elegante Rothschild Boulevard, agli affascinanti edifici Bauhaus, Tel Aviv merita di essere visitata e vissuta.



Tel Aviv city invites you to join thousands of runners who will attend the Tel Aviv Marathon (42.195K or10K race). Mr. Ron Hulday, the mayor of Tel Aviv, will start the race at Charles Chlor garden, on the magnificent beach of Tel Aviv viewing old Jaffa ancient port.

One hundred years ago, in the same area, the founders of Tel Aviv gathered, at what once was a sandy point, to conduct a lottery over the lands on which the first houses of Tel Aviv were to be built.

The race course will pass through the central streets of the city, among which the Rothschild Bld. that was built in 1909, Allenby St. which has been for years, the commercial center of the city, and along the Mediterranean Promenade.

Finisherswill join a colorful event of festival and music in the Charles Chlor garden, which will turn this race to an unforgettable experience. 



In addition to the general classification, there will also be a separate classification according to age groups as follow:
Categories for classifying the runners and prizes distribution:

 * read about age defying system in the articles of association.


Men: Up to the age of 19, veterans 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65- 60, 70+

Women: Up to the age of 19, veterans 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+

10 Kilometers

Men: Up to the age of 19, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75+

Women: Up to the age of 19, veterans 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, veterans 60+

Walking- Marathon

The walkers will start at 6:00 a.m. and will walk through an alternative path, along the sidewalk of the beach promenade and in the Joshua Park- up to joining the race, at the 10 K point.

The personal walking results will be published alphabetically without classification, because no formal judging over the walking legality will be held.


B. Prizes and Presents

All runners will receive:

         A race medal

         Certificate through the internet site

         A high quality, sweat evaporating "Response" Adidas shirt. 


Note: 10K race- shirts will be available for the  first 6000 runners registered only.

A participant kit includes:

         An electronic chip for automatic measurement of running time.

         An identifying chest number and safety pins.

         A "Response" Adidas shirt. 



The winners of the Marathon (men and women) will be awarded by �

1st place:        $ 2,000

2nd place:       $ 1,500

3rd palce:        $ 1,000

Separately, runners invited by the organizing committee will get their travel and lodging expenses, appearance money and bonuses - as it will be agreed upon prior to the race.  


C. Distribution of participant kits

The distribution will take place in the following times and places:

The Rabin Square (Ibn Gvirol St.)

Thursday             16:00-20:30
Friday                  10:00-16:00
Saturday             20:30-23:00
Sunday               16:00-20:30
Monday               no distribution

The Charles Chlor Gardens (Koifman St.)

Tuesday              16:00-20:30
Wednesday        16:00-20:30
Thursday             13:00-19:00

For your attention!

There will be no distribution of participants kits on race day.

Runners who didn�t receive their participants kit will not be allowed to take part in the race.


D. Regulations

1.    Taking part in races is allowed only for runners who train regularly, are medically approved and healthy and fit for running. Runners who are not meeting these requirements, are prohibited from participating. Runners will be held responsible for any deviation from these regulations.

2.    The various races are age limited as follows:
a. The Marathon Race (42K) � 18 years and older, runners who were born in 1991 or before.
b. The 10K Race- 15 years and older, runners who were born in 1994 or before - with a parents approval.
c. The 5K Race- 13 years and older, runners who were born in 1996 or before - with a parents approval.

3.    The Age Principle: belonging to an age category is determined according to the year of birth � for example: the category of ages 40-44 is for participants that on their birthday during 2009 will be from 40 to 44 years old.

4.    The organizers will be allowed to disqualify runners, who acted in a non sportive way, or against the regulations, or that risked themselves or other sportsmen. These runners will not get back the registration fee.

5.    No escorting of the runners is allowed during running, cycling or driving any other vehicle ( except the organizers` vehicles).

6.    Along the tracks, there will be electronic mats, for measuring the intermediate time, and for inspections points during the race. It is an obligation to pass over these mats. Runner who will not be recorded in the system, might be disqualified.

7.    Runners who will not wear the chest numbers, will not be allowed to enter the start/finish areas, and will be taken out of the running path due to security, safety and insurance reasons.


E. The start and finish point

The entrance to the starting point will be through a "pre starting area". Only runners who will wear chest numbers, will be allowed to enter this area according to their heats, 20-25 minute prior to their starting time.

         At the start/finish point will be set chemical toilets.

         Deposit of equipment will be possible only for Marathon runners. The relative closeness of the parking lots and the expected easy weather, will enable the other runners to use their vehicles for that.

         There will not be water distribution (except of drinking taps), before the event. The runners are expected to take care of their water, before the start.

         There will not be any registration or chest numbers distribution on the day of the event.

         Pay parking areas are available (10 to 30 NIS fee) around the start finish area.   


At the finish area, there will be an exhibition of various sports and health goods, of different companies, sold with discounts.

The Adidas company will show a variety of products in a huge tent.


F. Course and time table


Starting time table

6:00    Walking (Marathon)

6:45    Marathon Race       

7:10    10K (1st Heat)        

Than � another 10K heat every 5 minutes 

The time limit for Marathon runners � 6 hours.

Runners that will arrive to the promenade (approximately 38K.) later that 11:45h, will have to follow running on the wide sidewalk, as the traffic will start.

There will be 15 water stations along the marathon course and 3 along the 10K course.