Run Back In Time | 04 09 2021
Gare: 42K • 21K
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Ovunque Running (agente esclusivo per l'Italia) ti invita a Petra per correre la Petra Desert Marathon.
Vieni con noi a vivere un'incredibile esperienza di viaggio e di corsa.
Puoi scegliere tra due distanze: 42K e 21K.

La partenza delle gare avverrà all'interno dell'antica città di Petra per poi svilupparsi attraverso suggestivi scenari montuosi e desertici.
Novità di quest'anno: tre pacchetti disponibili di 5 giorni/4 notti con diversa tipologia di hotel e possibilità di estendere il soggiorno di ulteriori 3 notti con 2 programmi di approfondimento culturale o "avventuroso" (
lo standard package prevede il primo pernottamento ad Amman per poi spostarsi a Petra mentre i pacchetti Comfort e Deluxe prevedono il primo pernottamento già sul Mar Morto per poi spostarsi a Petra).

ti daranno la possibilità di vivere e godere appieno della tua esperienza in Giordania, uno dei paesi più sicuri e pacifici dell'intera area.


Age limits
Marathon runners must be minimum 18 years old on race day.
Half marathon runners must be minimum 16 years old on race day.

All finishers receive a medal. A small, symbolic prize is given to the winner of both distances for men and women. Please note that there is no prize money.

Personal belongings can be dropped off at the Visitors Centre and will be brought to the finish area. Any personal belongings you want available at the finish should be packed in a bag or backpack and clearly marked with your name and start number. The bag must be handed over to the race officials at Petra Visitors Centre before 5:30 on race day morning.
The walk from the Visitors Centre to the start line can be chilly and a light jacket or sweater is recommended for the walk. This jacket or sweater can be dropped at the start line and will be brought to the finish area at Beit Zaman hotel. Again we ask you to clearly mark all your belongings with name and start number.
The Petra Desert Marathon organisers cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged items or valuables. 

Bib number
All runners must wear the official bib number that will be handed out the day before the race. Marathon bibs are black while half marathon bibs are red. The bib number must be attached to the front of the torso and be visible during the entire race.

As the route offers little shade it is recommended to run in light-weight and light-coloured clothes.
A T-shirt offers better protection from heat stroke than a sleeveless shirt, but it is of course an individual matter. In any case, we recommend the use of sunscreen with high protection.
A cap is also recommended. There are no restrictions to clothing and women and men alike can run in shorts, tights, tank tops etc.. 

Cut-off time
All runners have 7 hours to complete the race. Runners still on the route after the cut-off time will be picked up by a race official or medical car and driven back to the finish area.
Five hours after the start, however, the route closes at the 31km mark (10km mark for the half marathon) meaning that runners who haven’t passed this point at 11:30 will not be allowed to finish the race.

The Petra Desert Marathon features a classic 42.195 km Marathon and a Half Marathon. The distances are colour-coded – marathon is black and half marathon red.
At the race briefing the day before the race, runners are permitted to change distance. Please note that change of distance is not allowed on race day.

Drinks stations
Drinks stations serving water are situated along the route.
Selected stations also serve energy drink and bananas. Please see the route map for details.

The Petra Desert Marathon is a hilly course with an ascent of roughly 1,200m and a descent of 1,100m.

The finish line is located at the Petra Visitor Centre within walking distance of the Mövenpick Resort.
All runners who complete the marathon or half marathon within the time limit will receive a medal after crossing the finish line.
Water and a sandwich lunch pack are given to all participants. Checked-in bags can be picked up at the bag check-out area.

Medical Team
A team of specialised doctors from Denmark and paramedics from Jordan will supervise the marathon and assist in case of injury or exhaustion. The medical team has undisputed authority to exclude runners who, according to the doctors’ judgment, should not continue running if there is a serious health risk to the runner. The medical team will be patrolling the route and be situated in the finish area and on strategic points of the route.
Runners who wish to drop out of the marathon should go to the nearest drinks station and wait for a medic or race official car. If it is not practical to go to a drinks station, simply wait at the side of the road. We encourage all participants to look out for each other and report to the officials or medical team if you see an injured runner on the route. All decisions made by the medical team are final.

Personal supplies
It is possible to have personal supplies delivered to selected drinks stations. Marathon runners can get personal supplies at four stations and half marathon runners at one station.
The personal supplies can be food, drink, sunscreen or other personal necessities.
Personal supplies must be handed over to the race officials at the race briefing the day before the race - remember to clearly mark your supplies with your start number and the number of the drinks station you want it deposited at.
Personal supplies deposited at the drinks stations will not be returned.

Race officials
English-speaking race officials are in charge of setting up the route as well as controlling the logistics on race day. They will be patrolling the route and guiding on the most crucial places on the course. Assisting guides will also be placed on the route to show directions. All decisions made by the race official team are final.

Route Description
From the start line in the Street of Facades, the route goes through the ancient city of Petra and right away you will find yourself surrounded with tombs, caves and monasteries carved in the mountainsides.
A 2km uphill section on paved road leads runners out of the Petra Archaeological Park boundaries and via the main road towards the desert on hilly tarmac road.
After 6 kilometres, the route leaves the asphalt road and continues into the desert. Half marathon runners take the direct way to the river bed gorge “Siq Al Bard” while marathon runners have to do a loop around the hill top “Al Musirh”. Leaving Siq al Bard at Little Petra, the route is back on the tarmac road heading towards the village of Ammarine.
Just before the village half marathon runners continue straight through the village while marathon runners turn left on the road leading to Wadi Araba to do a 8km back tracking stretch running past incredible rock formations that only few tourists visit.
When passing the 30km mark, full marathon runners find themselves back at Ammarine village and merge again with the half marathon course. From here, the route goes uphill to a mountain ridge for the next 5 kilometres, but the strenuous efforts are rewarded with an astonishing view over most of the marathon route, the mountains covering Petra and on clear days even Israel can be seen. On this mountain ridge the surface becomes gravel for the next 3 kilometres.
The final 4 kilometres are steep downhill running on paved roads towards the finish line.

Route Logistics
Kilometre signs can be found along the entire route. Owing to the conditions, however, they may be placed +/- some meters from the exact point. The kilometre signs are therefore only for orientation and runners shouldn’t calculate speed based on the signs.
Note that there won’t be any toilets along the course, which means that there are toilets everywhere! Toilet paper is available at all drinks stations.
The route is not closed off to traffic, but traffic police guards all entries to the route to warn drivers and ask them to slow down. Traffic is not heavy on these roads, but do keep an eye out for cars and trucks while running on paved roads!

Rules and regulations
If you decide to change distance during the race, ie. if a half marathon runner decides to follow the marathon route instead of the half marathon route, he or she will receive a marathon medal but not an official time. The race result will read FNT (finished no time). The same applies for a marathon runner who changes distances during the race. All runners who change distances before race day will be registered accordingly and receive an official time.
The top three male and female finishers of all distances are the first three to physically cross the finish line regardless of their net time.

All runners must meet at the Petra Visitors Centre from where we walk the 2.5 kilometers through the Siq and past the Treasury to the start line at the Street of Facades.

The route is run on a mixture of gravel and paved roads. The surface in the desert sections are sand with loose rocks.

The roads are not closed for traffic. Although traffic is not heavy in the area, please do be aware whenever running on asphalt roads. We advise you to run on the left side of the road, so you can see any vehicles coming towards you.

Wrist bands
Please note that the marathon route has an out-and-back stretch totalling 18km. At the turn-around point of this stretch (9km out) marathon runners will receive a wrist band to prove that they went all the way out. The wrist band must be worn for the remainder of the race to the finish line. No wrist band = disqualification.

The wrist band applies to marathon runners only.

A visa is required for all travellers entering Jordan. Visa on arrival is included in Albatros Adventure Marathons’ tour package. A copy of your passport and full flight details must be emailed to us no later than 4 weeks before the start of the tour, and your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure from Jordan. Kindly be advised that certain nationalities require an entry visa to be obtained PRIOR to travel. A list of these nationalities, as well as the most updated rules and regulations can be found on the Jordan Tourism Board's website.

It is solely each traveller's own responsibility to ensure they are in possession of the necessary documentation, and in compliance with the laws and regulations of the country visited.

Arrival information
Arrival transfers are included regardless of your arrival time. Please provide your full flight details to us no later than four weeks before arrival. Kindly note that a short waiting time may occur at the airport.
As we include an arrival visa in the price, a Petra Desert Marathon representative will meet you just before the immigration desk to take you through the visa on arrival procedure. It is important to wait for the rep as you will otherwise be charged the individual traveller visa fee of USD 60.

All participants will stay the first night at the 5-star rated Marriott Dead Sea and the following nights at Mövenpick Resort in Petra. For the extension tours we use the 4-star Grand Palace in Amman.
Participants going on the Adventure Extension will have two nights in a tented camp. In Dana Valley the camp is set and has basic facilities for toilet and shower (note: cold water only). In Wadi Rum it is IMPORTANT to note that the camp will be set up by participants themselves and no toilets or running water is available once entering the desert.

The temperature in September is around 30 degrees Celsius and can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius (86-104 degrees Fahrenheit). Make sure you bring adequate sun protection.
Almost 90% of Jordan is desert or desert-like terrain. In the western part of Jordan, mountains rise to a height of 1,600-1,700 metres (5,000-5,500 feet). The Jordan River marks the border to Israel and the West Bank and runs into the Dead Sea – 408 metres (1,300 feet) under the sea surface.
In the mountain regions, rain occurs from November to April while the summer season and the eastern part of the country rarely sees precipitation.

Jordan is fairly relaxed towards people's attire. We recommend that shoulders and knees are covered when visiting mosques.
Shorts are not often seen in Amman while Petra, as a tourist destination, is used to visitors dressed in summer clothes. Uncovered bikini tops should only be shown at the beach or pool side.
Kindly note that during the marathon and half marathon you can dress like you would do at a normal race – just consider the heat and wear light-weight and lightly-coloured clothes.

The currency in Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD). We recommend that you bring US Dollars or Euro and exchange upon arrival. Major credit cards are widely accepted.

Drinking water and general hygiene
Hotels and larger restaurants have modern restroom facilities. Elsewhere in Jordan, however, you may experience more basic toilet facilities. We recommend that you bring toilet paper when on excursions. Cleansing tissues and/or disinfectant gel are especially relevant if you book the Adventure extension.
You should avoid drinking tap water and water from where the source is unknown. Buy only bottled water where the cap is sealed.

Jordan uses a mix of the round 2-pin and rectangular 3-pin 220 volt electricity plugs. Some hotels, however, may have other types installed, so it is recommended to bring an adapter no matter where you travel from.

The Jordanian cuisine offers a wide variety of Arabic dishes and some “western”-style choices as well. Buffet selection is widely used at hotels and at restaurants near tourist sites. Most hotel restaurants also offer á la carte menus and room service.

Internet and phone
The international country code to call Jordan is +962. Roaming is available, but expensive. Check with your cell phone provider regarding rates before you travel. Internet connection can be purchased at most hotels.

Language and religion
Arabic is the native language in Jordan, but most speak English too. The dominant religion is Sunni-Muslim with minorities of Shia-Muslim and Christians.

Price level
A standard meal typically costs around USD 20 and we believe daily costs can be kept to a minimum of USD 40 per day.

Time zone
Jordan's time zone is GMT +2 hours.

Travel insurance
Travel insurance is not included in the price. It is strongly recommended for all participants to have sufficient insurance coverage during their stay in Jordan.

Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.Foto offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON, immagini dell'offerta PETRA DESERT MARATHON di Ovunque viaggi.